The Seychelles Islands

The Seychelles Islands

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This month, get ready to explore a tiny island nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean that’s known around the world as a true tropical paradise…. The Seychelles Islands! 🇸🇨

Comprised of over 115 tiny isles surrounded by pristine, turquoise waters, this remote country is as interesting as it is beautiful. The first recorded landing at Seychelles was by the British East India Company in the 1600s, and it was believed uninhabited until then. Over time, the French claimed the islands, and after the abolition of slavery in the 1800s, Seychelles became a fascinating land of mixed French, East African, Indian, and Malaysian cultures! Today, their culture and language is known as “Creole.”

Follow along as Isabelle treks through the jungle and explores the main isle of Mahé. Learn all about the unique local flora and fauna…. like black parrots, vanilla orchids, coco de mer, and Aldabra tortoises, among the largest in the world!

I remember flipping through a National Geographic Magazine as a kid and seeing a photo of the Seychelles for the first time. The giant smooth boulders dotting the white sand beaches didn’t even look real… and since then, I’ve had a deep fascination for this part of the world. I hope you all enjoy this “written vacation” to one of earth’s most beautiful destinations!🌴

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