Predjama Castle, Slovenia

Predjama Castle, Slovenia

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What better way to celebrate autumn than by reading a Letter From Afar about a mysterious castle?!⁠
Not just any castle though... This month's written tale will whisk you away to the enchanting Predjama Castle in the Inner Carniola region of Slovenia.✨🏔⁠

In this adventure, Isabelle begins by exploring the magnificent Postojna Cave, an infamous, enormous cave system home to towering caverns and unusual creatures like the Olm. Afterward, she stumbles upon the amazing castle pictured above. ⁠

Long ago, this cave fortress was home to a famous robber baron who became known as a "Robinhood" of Slovenia. He hid in the castle for an entire year while under siege from his enemies, and he was only able to survive by way of food being smuggled in from the many hidden tunnels leading to the castle. ⁠

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