Mindo, Equador

Mindo, Equador

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In this letter, join Isabelle as she finds her way to a tiny town called Mindo after a harrowing raft journey down the river. After finding her accommodations in a jungle tree house, she takes to the forest to discover it’s not just any type of forest….. but a CLOUD forest! 

Learn all about this very special type of ecosystem that makes up less than 1% of the world’s canopy. While taking to the trails, she sees all sorts of fascinating things.... like toucans, blue morpho butterflies, wild orchids, lizards that can walk on water, and cacao pods!

Did you know this area of Ecuador is renowned for its chocolate making? They say the finest cacao in the entire world is grown in the region. After befriending the hostería host, Isabelle tries her hand at making the delicious concoction herself.

Don't miss this truly fascinating letter that will transport you to this remote part of South America!

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