Mt. Everest, Nepal (no field notes)

Mt. Everest, Nepal (no field notes)

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Start in the busy city of Kathmandu, where monkeys frolic on the rooftops and ancient temples are around every corner.

Make your way through the tiny Sherpa villages, where the indigenous Sherpa people live at astoundingly high altitudes and go through their day to day with the help of Yaks. (Did you know they even use yak dung to fuel their fires?!)

Stay in a traditional tea house where hot curry and teas await the occasional weary hiker.

And finally, trek your way to Everest Base Camp.... a difficult feat, indeed. Some venture further, some do not.

I adore this letter, as it covers so many of the aspects of Nepal🇳🇵 that make it such a magical part of the world. Cozy up this November and read your way to the top of the tallest mountain in the world!

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